Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is it about book clubs and me?

I've been in one book club.  It was great, until it broke up when half of us wanted to read The Autobiography of Malcom X and the other half didn't.

Since then lots of people have talked to me about their book clubs.  But alas, no one has invited me to join.  Once I had a phone message - "About a book club."  I was thrilled and called back right away, already trying to guess what we'd read first.  The caller told me her book club had decided to pick something "fluffy," like Danielle Steel.  Could I suggest a good title.  Me?  I'd never read Danielle Steel  (not that I begrudge her success - she's good at what she does).   The caller seemed disappointed when I told her I couldn't help.

Needless to say, I wasn't asked to join her group.  Probably just as well.

These days I'm in a few reading groups on Goodreads.  I've made some nice online friends, read some good books.  But I thought - hey, maybe I'll start my own mini-book club.  Pass along info on books I like.  Maybe talk about other things if inspiration strikes.

Now I have to decide which book will be first...

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