Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindle or not

Is there such a thing as having too many books?  Every now and then I try a book purge or play that game - for each book I buy, one has to go away.

These good intentions usually last about a week.

But with an eReader - think of the shelf space I could save.  When my husband gave me a Kindle, at first it was like the best new toy you get for Christmas - I browsed the web, checked Facebook and emails.  Oh, and started to load books.  Lots of mysteries - Ruth Rendell and Jo Nesbø and Stephen King - where was my Kindle when I read the Game of Thrones series?  Those take up major league shelf space.

Read a book review in the New York Times and you've got to have that book immediately?  Go to Amazon and "Buy now with 1-Click®."  What could be easier? And some books are free - go figure, it's like a library.  But one that fits in your purse.

Except.  My version is hard to read in the sun so instead of words, you see a reflection of yourself.  Squinting, trying to maneuver the Kindle at the right angle for maximum reading effectiveness.  And many non-fiction books, like ones with maps and photos, aren't especially easy to navigate.

And why are some books so expensive?  Don't get me wrong - my novel is coming out in the summer and it's fantastic it will be available for eReaders, but I don't quite understand the pricing policy.

So for now, I'll live in both worlds.  I'm currently re-reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (free on Kindle) and after that, who knows?  But I have a sinking feeling I'll be able to fill up the Kindle just as quickly as I fill up my bookshelves.


  1. I've had the good fortune to have owned every kindle, up until the paperwhite model, which I loved. Then I bought a tablet, android OS , (which is th OS kindle runs on, for the tech geeks out there) and it's a swiss army knife of reading possibilities. I downloaded the kindle app, the nook app and some wonderful 3rd party apps that handle all ebook formats. The tablet is the size of the paperwhite, which I haven't used since the tablet (Nexus 7). Rarely do I buy book books anymore, unless its out of print, rare or a small press that doesnt do ebooks.

  2. I loved "The Moonstone"--read it in high school. If it's free on Kindle, I might just read it again. Thanks for the tip!